Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nothing Is Happening

I am a terrible unpacker. If I can swing it, I will come home from a trip, throw my bag on the floor and leave it there for about a week and a half until I finally get around to unpacking.

The thing about unpacking is the washing that accompanies it. I wash everything, even if I didn't wear it. Somehow it all ends up smelling a little off, so I must wash it. I don't quite understand this, but I know it is a fact and must deal with it. My form of dealing is ignoring.

Anyway, I was just cousin, house, horse, and dog sitting for the past 4 days, and after lugging in everything I had in the car I am currently ignoring it all and writing this post.

I'm trying to turn over a new leaf. I got as far as unzipping my bag. I keep looking over at it while I type, hoping that it will take care of itself.

But... sigh.... nothing is happening.

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Ky said...

Maybe if you used your wand?