Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding, Donut, and IKEA

This may look like a typical Thursday morning.
However, it's an atypical Thursday morning.
Thursday mornings do not often find me with a hat on, hanging out with the Griffith sisters at Dynamo Donut + Coffee.
I wish they did, but they just don't.

You see, my friend KD got married that afternoon, and on that Thursday morning, we hijacked her from her hotel room in Oakland and took her out to San Fransisco for one beautiful thing:

Wedding Day Maple Glazed Bacon Apple Donuts!

I saw Dynamo Donuts on the Food Network, and after the initial reaction of disgust, I decided I must try a bacon donut. As we were telling KD about this donut experience, she thought it sounded a bit shady and that it was likely the donut would disagree with us, and we would all throw up at her sealing, which she was strongly against.

Because she's the bride, we respected her wishes and behaved properly, so don't worry about that. See how happy she is because we didn't throw up?

The next morning we found ourselves at Denny's ordering Pancake Puppies. Cute little balls of pancake? What's not to love?! I was digging into my 4th pancake pup, when I realized these are less pancake and more donut, and I had to stop. A girl should really only eat so many donuts in her lifetime, even if they are cute.

After the puppy massacre, we went to IKEA, where I found out I look good in gray,

I found a long lost friend (look! It's Kylie!)

and Tara and I discovered we would make lovely cooking show hosts.

I've never been to IKEA.
It sure is exhausting.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Better System

I need a better system.

Whenever I hear a band I like, or a book I want to read, a movie or a personality I want to check out, I usually jot it down on my calendar in my phone with the intent to look it up later, when my phone reminds me to do so at 9:00 in the evening.

This appears to be a good idea. However, I rarely follow through. I'm always doing... something... at 9:00 and can't seem to take the reminder and run with it. Instead, I ignore it, or forget it, and it becomes lost. Sometimes I think I can just scroll through my calendar and find these hidden gems. But I don't do that. It's too hard.

So. I need a better system. Any ideas?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

Saturday morning found us at the Egg-Mazing Race at the Sunken Gardens. The kids were to go into the maze and gather as many eggs as possible. This is Wade's game face:

Elle had to wait a half hour for the little kids to go through, then it was her turn, and let me tell you, she mastered that maze and took home a large egg collection.

Sunday was Easter of course, and on Easter morning Mom said, "Myriah, do you have any ideas for the tables for dinner?" What??? No! I hadn't even thought about table decorations! Where has my mind been?? I launched into problem solving mode and started racking my brain for ideas. Then it hit me! Marie!

Earlier that day when I went over to Marie's to place an invitation to dinner on her door knob I had noticed one of her old apple trees all blossomed over. It was simply gorgeous. So I grabbed my boots and a warm hat (for we had the first cold Easter in ages) found a container and scissors and headed across the street. On the way I found Mary and invited her along. The blossoms grew high, and Mary volunteered to go after them. I'm glad she did, for as much as I love blossoms and the pursuit of pretty table decorations, I don't really like climbing things.

In the midst of our clipping, Marie came home from church to find us ransacking her backyard. As assumed, she didn't care one bit about our stealing the flowers, and we had a nice Easter chat with her.

Thanks, Marie, for the lovely blooms!

The best event happened right after dinner. Ever since Brandon married Jodie, I have been dying to participate in EGG WARS!

You can try and guess which names where my idea.

And the hopefuls, waiting their turn to attempt victory:

Poor Ken. I think he chose "Captain Moroni" because of his long standing history of victory. Unfortunately, the Captain was taken down by "Mary Did You Know".

And of course we closed down the night with some height measurements.
It was a fabulous weekend. Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Men with Clipboards

In the past week I have been approached by two people seeking my signature on a petition. When my Don't Notice Me face and walk doesn't work, my comment is always, "No thanks." Both men where very polite and never pressed the issue. However, I have been feeling a little unsettled lately. Something must have made those men stand outside and seek signatures. Usually it takes a mighty act of Heaven to get me to do such a thing, so I can only assume that perhaps these men had rather been doing something else than standing for hours experiencing rejection. Nonetheless, they were out there, trying to get their paper signed. So, what's the big deal? What was it that they wanted signed? Could I help them out?

I'm pretty sure my answer is no. No, I cannot help them out. Unfortunately, I feel many of these petitions that I am inclined to sign are a bit too much of a double edged sword. For example, I know that the first petition was for a playing field in San Luis Obispo. Great. I support playing fields. But am I really signing something in the hope that the land in question will become a playing field and not a mall? Does this petition mean that I support using the land, however I do not get to determine how it is used? Is a playing field only one option to this petition? Do I also support building a strip mall and crushing the habitat of the soon to be endangered fluffy horned mongoose? The desire for one thing always starts multiple causes and effects, and I just don't think I can really pass by someone on my way from the mailbox, agree to playing fields and sign my name.

Yes, that's right, you read me correctly: On my way from the mailbox. On Tuesday of this week the United States Post Office decided to make my life a bit more difficult. Instead of meeting with my mail lady every day, exchanging salutations and receiving my mail right to my outstretched arms, I now have to use a mailbox across the parking lot. A cold, hard, difficult to open mailbox. This causes any number of disruptions, including my vulnerability to be approached by men with clipboards.