Sunday, April 29, 2007

I can't

Last week Kathleen, Greg and I set goals for each other. For one of Kathleen's goals, we decided she should cook a meal for us. (She never cooks, except for sandwiches which don't count.) Anyway, she did a great job and went all out... decorated the place and everything. She even had lovey music in the background.
It was so romantic, except for the part that was Greg... he is so not romantic... i keep looking at my watch tan, which is much darker than yesterday.... just check out the pictures...

Kathleen can do this really great trick where she stands over the stairwell.

I can't.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I just finished reading the 6th Harry Potter.
I've read it before, but that was a speed read.
This time i got my hands dirty and now am emotionally distraught. The first time around i was relatively stoic, but this time, oh man!! Harry and his problems have been tormenting my brain. I finished the book around 6:45 pm, and have not really stopped thinking about it since...
Oh man, i need to go do something... I gotta shake this.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Winter Semester Highlights

Oh man, i am so glad finals are over. School is hard. I don't know if anyone has ever told you that, but school is pretty hard.
As most of you know, i was sick for about the last month of my existence, which was very unfortunate. I was kind of a zombie. But somehow i managed to do okay, because when i got my grades back for last semester, i had 4 A's and 3 B's! And when i saw that on the computer i realized that is a whole heap of classes and it's no wonder my immune system needed a break.

Anyway, it's not like last semester was no fun at all, in fact, it was a whole heap of fun. Here are a few highlights that i may not have previously mentioned:

Kathleen turned 21 at the end of February. We celebrated with virgin margaritas, virgin jello shots and karaoke. We are really always celebrating with karaoke.

One night Stacy London had her hair in curls. The next day my roommates had my hair in curls. It was kind of a big day for me.

Another karaoke night. We had about 10 people there, and we did it on our back porch so we could have a stage. I know you don't know that there were more people there, because they are not in the picture, but i figured Tara and i looked the best, so you get a picture of us.

Side-Pony Sunday.

FHE talent show. Kathleen and Jenna made up a song about our apartment. It was really really lovely and very very unexpected.

This is Patrick, our one FHE brother. He's trying to woo us on the guitar under the pretense of sharing a talent.

We aren't easily wooed. I'm sick in the picture. I was kinda in a daze, and didn't share a talent. It was highly unfortunate.

Tara and Shalyn singing "Step Sister's Lament." It was beautiful.

Ladies Night Out. Our last night together. It rocked. I believe that was due mostly to our awesome matching T-shirts.