Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Digs

It is sickly hot this morning. April, May, and June were full of wondrous springtime and summer delights, but July is just making me sweat. Interestingly, auto correct thought I meant "swear" instead of "sweat" and auto correct may be on to something there. I'm trying to figure out when exactly one will start to sweat, and I think it is a complicated formula based on how hot it is, the amount of energy you exert, and if you are suppose to look nice that day. Usually that's when you will be sweating the most.

I'm currently taking shelter in the shade of TONY'S, which, as far as I can tell, is the premier grocer in the area. I don't know for sure because I'm new. Just moved to Logan Square yesterday. I love trying out new neighborhoods, and I really love to know that I live IN that hood, rather than on the fringes or in a neighborhood no one has ever heard of before. I kind of feel like a sell out with those reasons jeez. The only thing that keeps me feeling better about that is the simple fact the Logan Square is the land of the hipsters. The true true true hipsters are moving south, of course, but people like me can be comfortable in Logan.

As I stand at the bus stop, I see three old ladies with their carts and bags, fresh from a shopping trip to Tony's. Obviously, this must be THE place to shop over here. I can't wait to go in! I wonder what it holds. It is large, the size of a full city block. That is huge for A Chicago neighborhood. Usually no-name grocers are three quarters the size of the smallest CVS you've been in.

Anyway, here are my predictions for the inside of Tony's:

1) Huge liquor selection. Think average college town store.

2) Fabulous pastries. The last time I went to Wendy's market I came back with fresh churros. I think that can be repeated at Tony's.

3) Weird cuts of meats. Think crazy stuff, stuff you wouldn't dream of, except maybe that kid in Where the Wild Things Are, because I'm guessing there is probably some wild beast for sale at the butcher counter inside of Tony's.

I'll report back.