Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's March

Seeing how it's March, and seeing how the parents wanted to revamp the garden this year, it was time to get started. Mom and I have been helping Dad a little bit. Whatever we help Dad with usually ends up a competition. It's great fun. I love the outdoors.

We helped Dad with this box:

And, a new addition to our garden will be this wine barrel:
Which happens to really smell of wine. I guess this makes sense, but it was still a surprise to me.

Here we have Father surveying the holes we put in the wine barrel:

And, as a nice reminder that it is Spring (because you can't see the tan I'm getting) I included some pictures of our pear tree:

The thing about the beautiful blossoms on all blossoming trees are the bees that accompany them. I think that bees are essential to this world, but still, when I hear them buzzing right above my head, it freaks me out a little bit.


Ky said...

Bees freak me out too, but they will be necessary in helping my apple tree to actually produce apples. First I have to buy the tree. Then we'll see the magic!

You know how I'm doing this whole garden thing this year? I'm probably going to have some questions for you to ask your dad. He looks like he knows what's up. And I mean, hey, you made a garden box! So even you know more than me so far!

Myriah said...

Oh, I'm excited for your garden! And I'm excited for your apple tree. When can you start planting?