Sunday, March 29, 2009

American Idol and Grandma

I always enjoy a good conversation about American Idol with my grandmother.

At dinner tonight I asked her if she had been watching the show and who she likes. She said, "Oh, I like that Afro American girl. She has a very good voice."

Mother says, "Her name is Lil. Lil Rounds."

Grandma, "Yes, well, you know all those Afro American girls, they all have good voices. You know Jessica Hudson?"

I just stare at her. Jessica Hudson? What?

Grandma continues, "Well she didn't win but she did real well for herself. The judges are mad, they don't want something like that to happen again."

Me, thinking, "Oh, Jennifer Hudson. And why are the judges mad, America did the voting, not the judges. Is there something else I don't remember?"

Grandma, "Well that Jessica sure is good, I bet that is why the judges are doing the "save" thing now. Where do you think Jessica got her start? Motown?"

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Ky said...

I remember that post from last season!

Motown, eh? She's hip. Gma is totally hip.