Sunday, February 24, 2013

Birthday Events 2012

I think I'm approximately one year behind in my blogging. For example, I never blogged about my birthday last year. And it all started when Diana came to visit. And she was telling us about the guys she had met in Atlanta... and now, she's married. 

Also, I haven't worn this scarf since last year. 

We celebrated with brunch at Southport Grocery. It was so good. We'll go there when you come visit. Those darlings even gave me a cupcake when we left!

A friend of mine worked at a candle shop, and I got to color my own birthday candles! It was so cool! 

I chose pink and red. I know there are other colors, but I just love pink. 

I opened up some serious loot from the family. This ring is brought to you by Grandma. 

I had requested that we go to Anong Thai for dinner, and then CUPCAKES afterword. Nelly bought them from Molly's, and we ATE them right up. 

Then, Skyler pulled a homemade pinata out of his backpack (you had that the whole time?!) which I busted open to reveal some candy and chocolate delights. 

As you know, my birthday frequently correlates with Super Bowl Sunday. Even if they are a week apart, I still like to pretend everyone is secretly celebrating my birthday on Super Bowl Sunday. Last year I got invited to a Super Bowl Party thrown by a chef. 

It. Was. Delicious. 
And so fancy. 

After my birthday, I take a celebration breather, and then eat a bunch of sweets on Valentine's day! 

Tara sent me this beautiful package. She even found pink bubble wrap!

And, what February isn't complete without homemade Snickers? 

But seriously, you should make these. They are unbelievable. Yes, they are more work than just buying a Snickers at the store, but they are also exponentially better. Exponentially.