Friday, June 8, 2012

Berry Berry Kix

I have waited years for this moment. My last memory of Berry Berry Kix was approximately 1994-1995, when they simply disappeared from the grocery store shelves. I loved Berry Berry Kix. Somehow, mother let me have them even though I'm certain sugar was one of the first three ingredients. And I became hooked. 

Every time I accompanied mother to the store I'd ask if I could get Berry Berry Kix. She always said yes, and I would skip gleefully over to the cereal, pick it up, and hug it on my way back to the cart. 

One day I was skipping over to the cereal and I couldn't find my Berry Berry Kix. They were simply... gone. Not even an empty place on the shelf for them. Just, gone. 

For weeks, then for months, I would haunt the cereal aisle, hoping they would come back, and they never did. BUT, everything changed yesterday morning. 

I was cruising around on my social networking sites, and someone had posted a pic of Berry Berry Kix.  SAY WHAT?!! I freaked out. I contacted the poster every way I knew how. That fool didn't respond. Obviously he didn't know how important this was to me. 

I got Wendy on the case, and she found a shipment at the Target in our neighborhood. I left work immediately to secure my own boxes of Berry Berry Kix. 

My joy was full. I was so happy!

I was freaking out with happiness so much that I had a hard time not shaking the camera for these photos. 

And, it was good. But, not enough berry flavor.
This is not the same item from years ago. This is that item:

I miss that item. I have waited years for this cereal, and I was so excited when I finally got it, however a little disappointed after I finally spent some time with the cereal. I imagine that is what a man feels like after he lands the lady of his dreams and she's not as awesome as he thought she would be. 

Anyway, here I am with a slightly shattered dream. But I'll pick myself up and carry on. I always do. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

November Odds and Ends

Apparently, November 2011 was packed with fun. Or something. Maybe I was just busy avoiding a roommate who I kinda hate and smells really bad. Shrug shoulders. Anyway, like last year, we made turkeys again for FHE~

Also in November I became very serious about Words With Friends. Thank you iPhone, for helping me to be a little more distracted

Also, I got a new babysitting family. They live on Randolph and have a rad view of downtown and the Pritzker Pavilion and such.

Ah, one update, 8 months later, done. Let's see what else I have in my drafts folder.