Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Wicka Wicka!

Happy Birthday, Marissa!

I hope all your dreams come true.
Well, only the good dreams. I'm not sure if you have weird dreams or not, but I wouldn't want to accidentally wish them on you.

Okay, so I included these pictures to show off your many talents, and also to show how fast your hair grows. The first picture was taken in August 2007, and the last picture was taken at Christmas 2008.

I wish I had a picture of you playing rock band to add to this group. You'll notice I did not include any pictures of you with Audrey because she is such a scene stealer.


Marissa said...

Thanks Myriah! My secret for hair growth is pre-natal vitamins. They really help your hair grow fast and healthy. I bet pregnancy hormones help too though.

Audrey is a scene stealer. I don't think we have any pictures of us without Audrey in them anymore. She is just too cute to not include.

Audrey's grandma said...

The prenatal vitamins must be the reason because in the past Marissa's hair has always grown very very slow! It is very rare these days to find a picture of just Marissa! Audrey really does steal the show!! She is just so darn cute!