Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love Note

I got home from the gym with Mary today and I saw a note on my car!

I was hoping it was from a secret admirer.

I opened it up, and on the half-sheet of lined paper I read,

"Hi. If you like to

Sell this car

Green Honda Civic

please call me

(phone number)


No, I'm not interested in selling my car.

And also, please don't steal it.

Thank you.

Also, I got a new wallet today that is, according to my cousin Laura, "Totally you."

I'm sure you can imagine it.


farfar said...

So will you post a picture of your totally you wallet? Oh and my parents had someone come to their house one time asking if we wanted to sell on of our cars. i guess these people are desperate.

Ky said...

Please don't steal Little Guy, Rolando! That cracks me up. Bahahahaha!

Show me your wallet, homes.