Sunday, March 8, 2009

Warning: Cute

I'm posting a bunch of cute pictures I took while my nieces were visiting, so if you hate cute, then you can skip this post.

Well, the first picture is of me and Wade. Not super cute, but I thought I might ease you into it.

The day of our Children's Museum trip I played with puzzles with the girls.

Elle and I decided to do a little photo shoot.

She apparently takes after her Grandmother with all the waving around of the hair before the photo.

But the waving around of the head always produces excellent results.

She looks smashing, no?

The girls wanted to do something super silly, so they put puzzles on their heads.
(BTW, these are my favorite puzzles to play with. They are so cool.)

Please note the cool trick that Elle has accomplished: puzzles on head without hands.

I don't remember what Elle was exactly doing in this picture, but the Wades are in the background, so that is cool.

And, as a special bonus to the day, we all painted our fingernails!
I wonder if one of those girls will end up having a short thumb like me.


Jodie said...

Wow...thanks for the warning! I'm still confused about many unanswered questions there. Man...we had a good trip, didn't we?

farfar said...

Oh man I can't believe how big Elle has gotten. I remember thanksgiving right after she was born. Its crazy how fast time flies. By the way i love the nails

Ky said...

Those nails are fab. Thanks for the warning, but I didn't need it. I appreciate cute.