Monday, March 9, 2009

The Tunnel

To celebrate the extra daylight, Mary and I took a walk to see the remains of the thrift store that had burned down on Friday night.

I tried to get Mary to climb the fence and pick up those highlighters, but she wouldn't do it.

To get to the thrift store, we went through "The Tunnel" and on our way back decided to take some pictures.

Here I am with Einstein. I'm throwing down the peace sign because Einstein is my man.

But Mary hates Einstein.

In fact, she got so ticked that she kicked the wall and it all started to crack.

That's Mary for you, though. Always super tough and mean. I wouldn't want to cross her in a dark alley.


Jodie said...

That's quite the tunnel. I think I've been in it before, maybe once. I'll have to go again!

Dark Horse said...

does it still smell of urine and have those posts on either end that leave just enough room for your bike handlebars to fit? I hope so.

Tara said...

I've been taking walks too! It's been sooo nice! I love spring. Sad that the thrift store burnt down. Mary really is a tough one, and so are you...every time I see that tunnel I always think, I wonder if it would be creapy to walk through there...I'm glad to see by the pics that it's not too creapy if you keep your tough face on.

Ky said...

I would want to cross her in a dark tunnel, either. Forget about alleys; clearly she's the tunnel type.

I wish you'd found a way to snatch those highlighters. Or at least a thrifty top.

Ky said...

Correction: I would not want to cross her in a dark tunnel, either.

Myriah said...

Oh man, Dark Horse, as we were approaching the tunnel, we saw some kids coming through it on their bikes, and they weren't slowing down as they came to the posts! I was certain they were going to crash into them! But they didn't! Phew.

My tummy is in knots just thinking about the injury we could have witnessed.