Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This is the snake river. Idaho is semi pretty only in the summer. Some people may argue that it is pretty in the winter, but i don't notice it. I am usually overwhelmed by the frigid temperatures, treacherous icy walks to school with the wind blowing me around on the sidewalk and the general depression i get in the winter to notice anything kinda pretty.

A field.

Me and the field. (this is all Idaho is. I would show another really great landscapy picture, but it would just be another field. In the winter they are brown and dirty white.)

A creepy old house next to an Idaho field.

This road is called Pole Line Road. And it really is very very straight. It goes forever. So i took a picture of Kathleen, and then i thought, "Hey, this road is rarely used, and i have a timer on my camera, i want to be in the picture too." So i set up my camera, and just as we run down and get posed, this truck comes barrelling around the corner onto Pole Line Road, apparently oblivious to my car with it's hazard lights and us in the street. Anyway, we had to sprint after the camera, and we got there barely in time. But we got a cool picture out of it. It was my favorite one that night.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today is May 22, 2007. MAY.

I woke up this morning, and saw this:

I would have stayed in bed, but i wouldn't get credit for my term paper if i wasn't there to hand it in at class time, dang it.

The poor flowers, but the park across the street was pretty, with vivid white and green.
I can't believe it snowed. Last year, the latest it snowed was mid April, and that was shocking. Oh well. It will probably snow on my graduation in July too.

Wheat and Skulls

When we were growing up, Mom liked to grind wheat. I would often find myself waking up to the grinder noise, and in the coming days find myself face to face with a wheat pancake. They were disgusting. Absolutely the worst thing ever. I couldn't understand what people were talking about when they spoke favorably about pancakes.
I think i was about 13 when i discovered that not all pancakes are nasty, i just happened to grow up with the nasty kind. To this day i hold no grudge on the pancake community, for i now know there are good amongst the evil, just trying to fight for their yumminess for the benefit of all man kind.
A few days ago i heard the familiar wheat grinder, as my roommate makes homemade bread every once in a while. I came down the stairs and discovered that my roommate had made me a wheat pancake, her favorite (somehow), weighing about 10 pounds and full of little pieces of wheat. I tried to eat it, but i got tired and bored. It filled me up after three bites. I ended up making an "M," and finishing it after a little break. I didn't eat for two days afterword.

Oh, also i got these really great skull shoes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mom, I shot a gun.

Tonight for FHE, we went shooting. I guess that is what happens when all of your FHE brothers are from Preston, Idaho. It was fabulous. We had a really great time, and no one shot their eye out.

We drove out to the middle of nowhere (not hard in Idaho) and spent the evening shooting at things.

The guys let us shoot the most, but you can tell they are really in their element.

This is Kathleen in her element. She thinks guns are funny. This is a grave mistake: guns are not funny Kathleen, not funny at all.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Graduation BBQ

Sister Winchester is the advisor to our Relief Society. She wanted to throw me a graduation party, a great idea, so we had it on Mother's Day. We all made her really great cards.

I requested a BBQ, and it was simply delightful.

There was tons of food, and we all got stuffed. We had hamburgers, fruit, (my first watermelon of the year), and BBQed asparagus and bell peppers. We got so stuffed that we had to take naps.

Later we went around the house realizing the full extent of the Winchester name:

We shot our eyes out.

I asked Sister Winchester if i marry into her family, if i could take my engagement pictures in this bathroom. She said yes.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


I think i may be addicted to running. I went running this morning and then later in the afternoon contemplated running again, but disregarded it because i had to make a cake.

In high school i would never contemplate running, let alone running twice in a day. In fact, i'm pretty sure that any time i had to run in P.E. it was the worst thing ever.
So mostly i have no idea what has happened to me. It's like someone took over, and it certainly isn't me.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Like Pam

Tonight i ran outside!

I was all sorts of ticked at a friend tonight. And i just had to get out. So i ran outside. It felt so great. I was so proud of myself. And then, i was able to tell my friend exactly how i was feeling. It was a big night. A great, wonderful, self-conquering night.

I think i was motivated by Pam from The Office. I ran across my own coals tonight, and it was great.

Thanks, Pam, here's to you.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


I have decided to become a runner.

Yes, this is crazy talk, i understand that, but i will do it nonetheless.

I've been doing good so far, but i am not sure what stretches are best for runners. I don't want to accidentally overlook a part of my body that i am not used to stretching. Also... how long do you stretch? I want to know what is recommended, and how long everyone actually stretches. I've seen people at the gym "stretching," but they are just striking poses. Does everyone do this? Am i going to be ridiculed for thorough stretching?