Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

This Memorial Day Weekend was Zion's Camp in Kirtland, Ohio.  That basically means it was a Young Single Adult Conference.  As a blessing of all blessings, I was able to ride down with my friends and we had zero drama. We left Friday and were so incredibly excited that we took a pre-trip photo and ended up looking like a band. I tried to lift the photo off of facebook, but as you know facebook sucks, so naturally I was only able to get this little thumbnail.

That's my street. It's pretty, huh? Also, I have a pic of our trunk, which was packed expertly.

 On the ride down we had a phenomenal time, listening to my Memorial Day 2011 soundtrack, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, and eating cherries and nutella. This is Taylor. She's my roommate for another 2 weeks while she completes an internship. Please note the Wade Cohen sunglasses. They aren't mine, but I certainly need to get a pair!

While I was at the conference, I ran into Heidi's sister! Wicka what?! Crazy!

I also slept in a tent. It was given as an option and I jumped at it. I always do. So, I stayed here

instead of here.

Our friend's parents live in Kirtland and they offered to have all 32 of us stay at their place. It was awesome and a lot of fun. I had a great attitude most of the weekend because whenever I needed to get away I could just go to my tent. The great thing about the weekend was that we attended the conference as desired, we went to historical sites as desired, we hot tubbed as desired, and played games, dance partied, bon-fired, s'mored, napped, pooled, shuffled boarded, Never Say Nevered, Modern Familied, Parks and Recreationed, ate, joked around, got lost, stayed up, slept in, woke up early, and generally hung out as desired.

Somehow, and I don't know how, I ended up going to the Kirtland Temple three times. 

After Church (in the Kirtland Temple) the Moss Family threw down an awesome barbeque! It was wonderful and so summery and homey and I loved it.

After lunch a few of us went to the John Johnson Farm. It was amazing and cool and I'm glad I live in 2011. 

Next we went to the Newel K.Whitney store, and like I've said about other places I've visited, I felt like I was visiting a movie set. Except, of course, for the upper room. The upper room is the real deal.

While we were there, we had an awesome thunder storm. I'd like to think the next pic is fuzzy because of the rain, but really it's fuzzy because I was running in the rain.

Later in the evening we had a poetry reading. This is Jimmy up on the landing and everyone listening with joy and rapture. We were going to read poetry in the living room, but when you have access to a landing like that, you should really put it to good use.

On the way home we bought cherries again. That's when Sandy let us know she thinks cherries are the worst thing in the world. She then bought cherry flavored Twizzler bites.

On the way out to Kirtland I kept seeing Hardee's signs. Naturally I began to crave it. They don't have it in Chicago, which is a crying shame, so I made everyone stop and get a burger on the way home. I'm very bossy.

Soon we were in Chicago!!!! (That's Buckingham Fountain, yo.)

We came up Lake Shore Drive and the beaches were PACKED. I tried my best to get a picture of the packedness, and this is the best we could get:

Later that night we went to a barbeque with an awesome view

and basically all the same people I just spent the last three days with.

It was a warm, breezy night, and it feels great to know summer has finally come to Chicago.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ridiculously Good Summer

So it's not 100% sure, but there is a good probability (can you call something "good probability" if it isn't 100%?) that my work will get it's own reality TV show. The concept is to follow my boss around and chronicle her life, and there is a chance I might get my face on camera, who knows. Just thought I should tell you.

Supposedly, they are coming back to film more of the pilot at the end of this month (they started filming before I got hired) and as long as everything goes smoothly, they will film this summer and air it this fall. 

I find it all rather ridiculous, and I love things that are ridiculous, so I think it will be a good summer.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Robot Bird

I have a robot bird living outside my window. I know it's a robot because it doesn't behave like other birds. It appears to behave like other birds, but then suddenly it will do something so completely unnatural that you know it's a microchip error, and you know in your heart of hearts that this bird is the robot kind of bird.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

 It took me a while, but I finally realized that I love Cinco de Mayo. It is certainly my favorite not really a holiday holiday.

To celebrate, I had a few friends over for tacos! My favorite!!!

And, Diana brought the pinata. In the form of a T-Rex. On an iPad. Pretty festive, if you ask me.

Happy the Cinco! May all your dreams come true!