Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've had some trouble with the Institute Director here, so for a while I was not a diligent student to his classes as I could have been.

After the advice of a friend, the Institute Director and I have things worked out. It's good now. But, that doesn't mean I attended every class offered. I now basically go when I feel like it, and I really like this system. I never feel like I "have" to go, and it's really up to me what I want to get out of class.

I don't really feel a part of Institute and I don't care to. Institute was a great part of my life while I was in college, but now I'm whatev on it. So, when announcements are made I don't really pay attention.

Last night at Institute I was minding my own business, the teacher said something about Institute Graduation, and suddenly I was handed my Institute transcript! Imagine my surprise to find out I was going to graduate this quarter!



This is hilarious. I love it. I'm so glad I went to Institute last night.

Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Pack

Oh man, I have the great pleasure to go and visit Ky and Mikey and Sky in Reno this weekend! I can't hardly believe how soon I will be leaving! I need to start thinking about what to pack.

Hmm... the best way to pack is to go through a list of the sorts of activities anticipated and plan accordingly.

What is anticipated, you ask?

1) Singing. We just won't be able to not sing. I think it is impossible. Just so you know... we make up our own songs most of the time. That's just how we roll.

2) Sitting around. I will probably be on the floor with my feet in the air, or sitting all wonky on the couch. That's just how I sit: wonky. And we will be singing. And laughing. Many a Sunday evening was passed in this manner. It's our go-to.

3) Eating, and talking about food.

4) Enjoying Ky's new patio.

5) Shopping at Kohl's.

6) Lake Tahoe, baby!!!!

7) Watching Sky.

8) Car tour of Reno, natch.

9) Discussing and planing Cinco de Mayo party that won't actually be on the 5th of May. (Discussing and planing Cinco de Mayo food.)

10) Church.

11) Free advice.

Soo, what? I guess I'll pack some sweat pants, some nicer sweat pants for church, and a bathing suit? Oh, and at least one cute outfit for shopping. Oh, and I should also bring my sombrero for the party.

And my lucky lip gloss.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Treasure Hunt Easter

Naturally, for Easter we had a treasure hunt. Mary and I stumbled out of our rooms, and a little slip of paper was waiting for us. Mom had set up a little hunt that involved scripture verses and trekking around the house... all leading to....

Updated food storage! Woot woot! The sign says that we can now start eating our current food storage, Happy Easter!

But, the sign also said something about how we should go to the freezer and we would find...

A little vase with candy in it! It was great.

For those of you who don't know, I am growing a lot of flowers this year and am thus obsessed with vases. So, this was a great gift. It also looks like a mug, and I like mugs as well, but we decided it was a vase.

To make an exciting day even more exciting, we had dinner on the veranda! Well, that's what Mom was calling it a few summers ago, but right now it's just a deck. So we had dinner on the deck. If you look closely you will see the twinkle lights I put up for the occasion. It was a lovely afternoon and evening.

After dinner The Cousins and I took pictures of ourselves, but none of them are posted. We didn't look normal enough in them, and then in the silly pictures we were all at varying degrees of silly/disgusting, so it is just better that I don't post. I almost posted one that I looked really good in, and The Cousins didn't look so good in, you know- just to show off, but I wasn't wearing my lucky lip gloss, so I couldn't make it applicable. Sigh.

For Easter Grandma gave us gift certificates to a little boutique. Mary bought hair products, I found a necklace and owl earrings, (yes, that's right-owl earrings-), and Laura bought a purse. Mary and I looked at all the purses, and they were a bit too wild for our taste. So when we heard Laura had gotten a purse...well, we basically couldn't wait to see it.

And here it is!

Please notice the cowgirl/rock and roll edge oozing from this purse. It's totally Laura.

I wouldn't have had the guts to pull this off when I was in eighth grade. But Laura can do it. She's got sass like that. And she also has two older cousins encouraging her in the ways of crazy.

You're welcome, Laura.

Monday, April 20, 2009

For Brandon

and everyone else.

I would have embedded it, but it was disabled or sumthin'.

If you don't know, I have lucky lip gloss. I was playing a game called Killer Bunnies, and I wasn't doing very well. Then I remembered to put on my lucky lip gloss, and I turned the game around and won!

Also, on Sunday I knew the choir was going to be performing, and I also knew we weren't prepared, so I brought along my lucky lip gloss and we ended up sounding wonderful.

My lip gloss is poppin'. Just sayin'.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Lost Opportunity

Most Tuesdays I teach English through the Literacy Council. The building we use is one of the local churches here in A-town. We happen to meet at a big fancy "popular" church. They have built up their property and I meet my students on the second floor of one of these buildings.

Every Tuesday I approach the building trying to determine if I want to take the stairs or the elevator. I hate stairs. They bother me. So, that leaves the elevator. The elevator opens to the outside on both the first and the second floors. Because of it's easy access to the outside world, every time I step into the elevator I feel certain I'm going to find someone in there. Someone dead. Or, someone who is going to try to kill me. Either way, it's not a great feeling, so I usually take the stairs.

That is all there is to that story. I just wanted you to know the panic and the torment I feel while trying to make my decision as to how exactly get to the second floor.

When I was coming down the stairs tonight after class I noticed a bunch of strange spots all over the ground. Upon closer examination it became apparent that I was looking at snails. They were everywhere. I guess the recent rain caused them to be out and about on this fine night. I counted about 15 snails before I got totally grossed out and ran to my car.

When I was driving away and perhaps running over some of the snails (eww) I thought about how I should have scooped them up and gotten 25 cents for each. It was really a lost opportunity.

Monday, April 6, 2009

3 Things and a Bird Feeder

A few items:

1) Another reason I like living here is when I come home at night, I can almost always see the stars. I love that. I say no thanks to cloud cover. But Atascadero offers me stars. Thanks, A-Town.

2) My brother treats the Steelers. I was talking with my nieces a few weeks ago, Elle had many things to say, and when the phone got passed to Bryn, the only thing she managed to say was, "My Daddy treats the Steelers." I saw the Steelers insignia on a car on my way home, and now every time I see the logo, I think, "My Daddy treats the Steelers."

3) I was talking with Tara tonight and she told me she is making me a present! Wicka wicka! Thanks Tara! She wouldn't tell me what it was, but she did give me a clue: "It has to do with plastic, and it's something you're kinda obsessed about."

Naturally I thought of a bird feeder made out of an empty milk jug. I am kinda obsessed with recycling and with hating milk, and as every one knows I'm obsessed with birds, so I'm pretty sure that is what she is making me.

BUT... I could be wrong. Does anyone have any guesses?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Wallet

Well, I decided I would take a picture of my wallet.

I headed outside to take advantage of the light, and thought I should take some close-ups of the wallet, as well as some with me in it, so you would know how I look with it.

Naturally, this turned into a major photo shoot.

One side of the wallet:

The other side of the wallet:

The inside of the wallet:

It's taco impersonation:

And here I am, so happy I own this cute little wallet.

I tried to take pictures to show you how I would normally look while shopping with my wallet.



I was getting tired of my own photo shoot.

So? Is it totally me?

Another reason

Just another reason why I enjoy living here:

That is Morro Bay in the distance. Can you see the Rock?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gen Conf

At the end of General Conference someone is bound to ask, "What was your favorite talk?"

I usually get all flustered and answer with, "Uh...." Sometimes I am able to throw down a name and some key points, but not always. What I think most people are trying to ask is, "Did you learn anything from Conference this time? Have you been spiritually enriched?"

Yes. Yes I have been. So, for you peeps who like names, I will tell you that I very much enjoyed listening and thinking about the last three talks of this morning: Elder Christofferson, Elder Packer, and President Eyring.

I didn't chose them simply because those were the ones I was awake for, but because they covered topics I had been thinking about. It felt good to hear from them and gain greater insight. It's nice to know I can trust the Spirit, you know?