Monday, January 31, 2011

Night of Coincidences

I was going to a friend's house, absolutely freezing while waiting at the L stop. Two trains came going the other way before the train I needed came. I got on, sat down, and we didn't move. The conductor announced that there was something happening on the tracks ahead, so we wouldn't be moving for a minute. I waited, happy to be on the warm train. Then the conductor announced that because of the delay, the train would be running express, and consequently be passing the stop that I need. So, I got off the train and back onto the freezing platform.

As I adjusted my hood, contemplating how cold it really was, another train going the other way came. Many people got off and one guy stood near me under the heat lamps. I was looking down the tracks for the train, and this guy was in my line of sight, so I got a good look at him. After what felt like forever we were back on a train heading to our destinations.

Three hours later, I was going home, and I stepped into a rail car. I sat down, and there was the guy from the platform! It was so bizarre! I've never ever seen someone again like that. I just stepped into the right car I guess. This time he had his arm around some girl, and they were flirting it up. I wonder if they just rode the train for three hours...

So while I was contemplating how crazy it was that I happened to see that guy again, I got on a bus, and there was the bus driver I had earlier in the day! Wicka what! This is crazy! What's going on here?! This is obviously a precursor for something greater. It's my birthday week, but coincidences don't usually happen simply because of my birthday. Will I get sucked into some alternate universe soon? Is all this simply a warning of the Great Blizzard of 2011?? What's going to happen!?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yo-Yo and Escalators

I live in Chicago, so naturally I get to do cool things. For example, today I went to the Chicago Cultural Center and listened to Yo-Yo Ma play. For free. It was phenomenal.  I just had to show up. Do you see him? He's the one in the middle.

On my way there, I saw this sign:


That sign really didn't help me. I should have had a personal sign that said, "Beware of escalators."
Seriously, every escalator I encountered today (about 8) tripped me up somehow. Some would literally trip me, on others I would lose my balance, on one I didn't see the end coming... you get the idea. It was a major fail. But Yo-Yo was amazing, and just so charming, so it was a good day, despite the escalator issue.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tucson in Chicago

I was on the Purple Line, freezing, trying not to make eye contact with any of the other passengers, so I looked up at the ads. I saw an ad for Tucson, Arizona. There was a huge scene of dry, warm desert at dusk, with a woman in work out gear sitting atop some rocks, looking out over the desert. The tag line went something like, "Tucson: The Real Southwest." I should be better at remembering tag lines, but it went right out of my mind when I saw the exact same ad right next to the first one.  And one after that. Tucson covered the whole side of the train with its warm orange glow. Quickly I turned around and realized that Tucson had bought out that entire car.

I just sat there, thinking about being warm. Thinking about not needing to wear long underwear, thick socks, boots, sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves and jackets. The only accessory I would need would be my water bottle.

Then I remembered Amanda and Tyler, and I figured I ought to warn them. So guys, if you see an influx of tourism this winter, it's just a bunch of people from Chicago who would usually be riding the Purple Line.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Three Odd Things

You know how on the side of a school bus, there will be something to indicate possible bus ownership? Like, "Santa Lucia School District"?

Yesterday while waiting for the bus I saw a yellow school bus go by with the words, "Latino Express" on the side. I tried to take a picture, but it was dark.

Later that evening, while waiting for the bus, I saw this truck come down the street. It had been improved with something shiny on its roof, and one of the guys in it looked like an alien wearing a sombrero. The side of the truck read, "The Tamale Spaceship".

And, the third odd thing today happened while I was exiting the Museum of Science and Industry. As I was leaving, a big group of Amish were entering. I wanted to throw myself across the entrance and say, "NO! This isn't what you want! Turn around! TURN AROUND!"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Illinois Coast

Can you call the meeting of lake and land "coast"? I don't know. But here it is:

That's ice, baby. 

 After the beach excursion we were famished. It looked like a good time to have my first Chicago style pizza.

It was delicious. Right across the street from our restaurant was this awesome building:

Obviously we'll be going there next time. I can't wait. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

California Coast

During my visit home, we went to the beach. It was gorgeous. I will prove it with the following photographs.

First we took a walk along the trail next to the bay. Elle was getting antsy, so I told her I would run with her. After a bit, we stopped and stretched. Well, I stretched, and Elle said she didn't know any stretches, but did know about push-ups. So, we would run for awhile, then do push-ups. It was a bit exhausting. 

I was noticing that I didn't have very many pictures of Bryn. First I thought it was because I was a bad aunt. Then I realized that Bryn simply isn't interested in being in photos, and she moves really fast. I can't hardly capture her half the time. But then again, maybe I'm a bad aunt.

I took a lot of pictures of Torah during my visit, but mostly she was making a face. This is bizarre, because I think she is possibly the cutest baby Brandon and Jodie have produced. She's just so freakin' cute all the time! Except for in this picture where she is saying, "I'll give you to the count of three to get that camera out of my face."

Jodie is wearing one of her 10 for 10 shades. Yeah, apparently she was able to get 10 pairs of sunglasses for 10 dollars. Or something like that. I was so baffled by the idea that I didn't ask any follow up questions. I should have. I really should have.

I love a good Wade action shot.

Also, clams were found. I took this picture of the girls. Then I asked them to smile. They did, and contorted their faces into what they perceive smiling to be. It turns out this picture was the better of the two. I can't wait for the time when I am able to capture a true smile, or they are able to smile naturally. Either way, I still love them. Because, for realz, I'm not a bad aunt! Look, it's a picture of Bryn!