Monday, March 16, 2009

Smack Talk

During the visit with family, we had a little competition. The goal was to be the fastest person to finish this puzzle:

Now, don't be telling me I'm lame because it's a Hello Kitty puzzle. That thing was hard. Those raindrops and trees are killer. Plus, it doesn't help that Hello Kitty's face and half the clouds are the same.

We competed three times, and here are our results:

Round 1) 13:36
Round 2) 10:20
Round 3) 9:19

Round 1) 14:04
Round 2) 11:05
Round 3) 9:52

Round 1) 15:55
Round 2) 15:04
Round 3) 14:08

Round 1) 15:44
She had no other rounds. Actually, she joined us on the third round, but it was her first round, so I wasn't sure how to record her score.

But anyway, I was proud of my performance, and I'm also pretty sure Jodie kind of had the advantage because she is 1) more familiar with Hello Kitty and 2) had helped the girls put together the puzzle in between rounds.

Yeah, that's right. I'm talkin' smack.


Amanda said...

I hope your getting your smack talk skilz ready for march madness.

Ky said...

Wow, Jodie really kicked your trash. How many pieces in the puzzle?

Jodie said...

That's a 100 piece work of art. I'll admit, I have an advantage. We have a different hello kitty puzzle at home. It has 100 pieces as well, but involves a unicorn and has more pastels and light pinks. Hello kitty is winking and has a star flower in place of the bow. But, you now have the challenge puzzle at your house. So next time we meet (probably Christmas), I expect you to be under 7. I'll probably be under 6. Bring it on 'riah!