Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look, I don't know.

I'm sick, and I'm really upset about it.

First off, I'd much rather NOT be sick. There are lots of things I would much rather be doing. Like, not passing out at work, not not getting a tan. I would also like to make sense. I get a little delirious when I'm sick, and I don't know if any of this will make sense. I'm willing to give it a try, though.

The other thing about me when I'm sick is my complete lack of control over my facial expressions. Usually, when I'm talking with someone, I can usually mask the fact that I'm thinking, "This person is an idiot," but when I'm sick, that just shows right up on my face. Usually, during a conversation when I'm feigning interest, I can pull it off pretty well. But when I'm sick, it's obvious that I stop listening. I've been known to walk away. I'm pretty sure I offended my Gospel Doctrine teacher one Sunday while at BYU-I. I don't think I even said anything. My face was saying enough. This is when I realized that perhaps I don't have control over my face while I'm sick.

On another Sunday that I was sick (but felt well enough to go to Church) I persuaded Tara to go home with me and make a sandwich during Sunday School. It was a great decision. I was starving. (It was like, 10:00 AM.) You may know that when I'm not properly fed, I get a bit crazy. Well, while I'm sick, my eating is all catawampus, so of course I get a bit crazy due to that. And add the crazy of being sick, and I guess I'm just an overall joy to be around.

I know I started this post with a "first off" and I'm not sure I have a "second" point to throw down.

I'm sick, okay?

Well, right now looks like a good time to tell you I attended a wedding this past weekend. I drove there and back with someone who had a cold (that punk) so I'm assuming I got it from her.


Anyway, Abe and Isabelle got married, and all I can say is Thank God. Like, for realz. This was her dream, and she was undaunted in the quest. So, I am sincerely glad she has found someone.

I chose that picture because Isabelle is showing off her fancy red shoes. The more I think about my wedding shoe choice, the more I realize that I can't come up with a shoe that I like. My foot doesn't look that fabulous in anything too strappy, and all of the white heels I've seen that are not strappy look rather old-fashioned. (Like, 1980's old-fashioned.) I'm not into that.

So, while driving back from the temple on Saturday, I made my decision: I will wear flats. I can easily find some cute flats. Piece of cake. Wedding cake.

Also while driving back from the temple I planned out my entire wedding. Well, kind of. A few things are up in the air of course, but the basic idea is there. I would tell you all about it, but I don't want you married folks telling it to your non-married friends, and I don't want you unmarried peeps to steal my idea. (I almost let it slip, because I'm sick, and my defences are down, but I caught myself just in time.)

Also, I realized that I usually get a cold in the spring time. That is lame. But perhaps it is better than getting a cold around Christmas, like so many other people I know.



Amanda said...

I have no control of what things come out of my mouth when I'm PMSy. I say the meanest things, like I have no filter between the meanest part of my brain and my mouth, which is not good for my marriage.

Jodie said...

Being sick is the opposite of fun. May you recover quickly! And congrats to Isabelle and Abe (not Gabe).

Marissa said...

I'm sorry you're sick. You usually get sick 2-7 days (I know a really broad range) after becoming infected so it probably was that car ride.

I get that way when I am really tired, I have no idea what is coming out of mouth.

Ky said...

"All I can say is Thank God."

I love that. That's my favorite line of this post, I think.

Also, I would love to see you walk away from a boring conversation mid-sentence.

Nevermind. I started writing this before I had completely finished reading. My favorite line is, "Piece of cake. Wedding Cake."

I want you to feel better, but I like this post so much. Please write more while you're sick. Do it for me.

Then feel better!