Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not my best reporting, but it will do.

I think Marie beat her own record tonight. The meal started as normal with everyone trying to get Marie's food to her first. I tossed around the idea of competing with Marie, but decided I wasn't in the mood. This was a good decision.

Mary wasn't present for most of dinner, but she showed up just as Mom and Grandma had finished eating, I was nearing the end, and Dad was going for seconds. Marie, of course, was still eating with no end in sight.

Mary loaded up her plate, ate at the regular speed, finished her meal, and Marie still had not finished her dinner.

After Mary was done, we waited an additional 4 minutes for Marie to finish up. It was outstanding.


Ky said...

I wonder if Mike could beat her?

Myriah said...

Send him over.


Five o'clock.

Tara said...

Does she chew? I'm wondering if she just lets to saliva break down the food before she swallows...that could take some serious time...maybe you could try it if you're not especially hungry.

Jodie said...

Man...Marie has skills.