Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pulse is Rushing

While the troops were visiting, Elle and I hung out in the backyard a bit. Somehow she ended up pushing me on the swing. She did a great job.

We also played Ticket to Ride, my favorite game. It was Jodie's first experience with Ticket, so we didn't try any variations. She did a pretty good job her first couple of times, I think.

Boy, I do love a good game of Ticket. My pulse is rushing just thinking about it.


Ky said...

I've only played Ticket once. It was several years ago. I should really give it another go!

Elle is a great swing pusher and that is a great swing. Your shorts are great, too. It's all great!

farfar said...

So is Jodi and the kids living with you guys? Thats what I'm guessing. Hey I'll see you this weekend.

The Studes said...

I was so confussed at first. I though you had pulled out some AMAZING matrix move but then I realized you were on the rope swing... lol

Brianna said...

Meriah guess what?! This boy in our ward asked me and my roommate to play a new game he got for his birthday and he brought it over and guess what it was? Yep, you guessed it, Ticket to Ride EUROPEAN version! So fun! I totally thought of you!