Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Holy Smokes, look at the graduate!

Mom, dad and I at the graduation luncheon. We keep it real in Idaho.

I took mom and dad to see the sights in Idaho. This is Mesa Falls, and this is the giant root beer in Ashton, on the way to Mesa Falls... although we got root beer floats after Mesa Falls.

And, my last fleeting glimpse at the temple, out of my car window.

I'll give you a better idea of graduation after i get home. Right now i am going to fall asleep on my clean clothes.

Monday, July 16, 2007

False Eyelash Sunday

I like a good themed Sunday every once in a while.
My favorite is Side-Pony Sunday. A good one is Curly Hair and Glossy Lips Sunday, though not as catchy as Side-Pony Sunday. We tried to abbr. it to "curly and glossy" but that needed more explanation that i cared to hash out.
Anyway, last Sunday was False Eyelash Sunday. Don't let the name confuse you: there was more than just one false lash. I just decided that False Eyelashes Sunday was a bit harder to say, and if we want people to like it, it's gotta be catchy. This may explain the low turn out to Curly Hair and Glossy Lips Sunday.

To get the full effect of the fake eyelashes, you will need to click on the picture so it becomes HUGE and you can experience all that is the fake lash. I gave you two pictures, two slightly different angles, to get the most out of this post.

And that is what it looks like with my eyes closed. Clearly.
It is kinda the hardest thing in the world to put on fake eyelashes. Mostly, the hardest part is walking the fine line between "pretty" and "Hooker/Transvestite."
P.S. I was going for "pretty"

This is the Taylor Building, the building where i will receive my diploma cover in two days. I am so excited.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Things are sad sometimes

I finally threw out my favorite house shoes. I found a replacement for them, but it's just not the same. I was so sad the day they really officially became unwearable.

And other traumatic news:

Friday night was vomiting night. Somehow, i had gotten sick. So i puked up a storm. In the middle of the night, of course. So i stayed up, vomiting, and didn't get to bed until 8 in the morning.
Because of this, i had a really late night on Saturday. I sat down at my computer, contemplating life, and noticed that the top of my book shelf was wet. It turns out that one of my favorite (not) roommate had left some food storage in the cupboards above my book shelf. She had a gallon of water up there that somehow got a hole in it, and slowly leaked all over my stuff.

The 4th of July and things named Orlando

I've never understood the Fourth of July.
Growing up, the 4th was not a party day. My parents always did normal things on those days. I think they wanted to avoid big crowds, which is understandable, and why go to the beach when it is super crowded, when you could go the next day when it isn't at all crowded?

To me, the 4th consisted of an early pancake breakfast at the Stake Center, and then listening to patriotic songs sung by women who have the highest pitched voices on earth.
And that was it.
Sometimes we would take advantage of sales, or sometimes we would go to a parade, but i don't remember having a really great time ever.

The beauty of the 4th started to become clear to me once i moved out. I was in Utah, and took a hike in the mountains with a few friends of mine. I had to work that day, but was able to meet up with them again for fire works. It was a good day.

The next summer found me in Idaho, and i ended up going to Bear Lake with a friend, and we met her family there, and played around all day. We drove back up to Rexburg when it began to get dark, and we were able to watch fireworks all the way home. We even made it to the bridge where they shoot the Idaho Falls fireworks off at the finale. We completely missed traffic, and had a fun day.

I wasn't really expecting much for this 4th of July. My friends Liji and Christina (Liji rhymes with Fiji) called me and said they were coming up from Utah to hang with their family, and invited me along.

We had a great time. We went to a parade, managed to find a super great spot (everyone uses twine to save their spot, and get mean if you even slow down when you walk past) and then we chilled and we went swimming at a dam, and had a great BBQ. Afterwards, i met up with my roommates for fireworks, and it was a wonderful day. Oh, i also met a skunk named Orlando.

No one knows why "Give a kid a flag to wave" is all one word on this banner, but it didn't bother us too much, because this is Idaho.

What did bother us was this creepy guy. He was part of the DARE float. It wasn't just this guy, there were about 10 other costumed people looking all creepy and scary. What does that mean? If you do drugs you will end up like this? If you do drugs these monsters will come and take you away? Was this a scare tactic? No one had any clue. Does anyone have any ideas?

Me, Liji, Petra, and Christina cheering for candy. We loved the candy. People were also giving away Creamies and Otter Pops. It was a great parade.

A lady in a flower pulled by a man. It was a good float.

I don't know if you can see this, but it was some BMX club, and at the end of that Semi, they have their awards and trophies. I don't know what they would have done if they didn't have that Semi to carry around their trophies. Would two MAC trucks have done the trick?

Liji, his niece Adelaide, and Orlando.

Orlando and Liji's fancy swim trunks.
Orlando is a nice skunk.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Best July Ever

My Relief Society had this huge enrichment-sleep-over-eat-steak-ice cream-soda-cookies-chips-paint semi lame wooden wall thingies.

I thought all of that but the last part was a really good idea.

So there i was, sitting at enrichment, with this blank piece of wood daring me to write something motivating and smarmy. After all, i would decorate my home with this piece of wood, so don't i want it to be great?

Girls were painting their wooden things in Country Cottage Blue, or Deathly Boring Tan.
Then they were stenciling things like, "Let your garden grow" "Return with Honor" "The cook went home" or, "Reach for the stars."

I started my project with black paint. I knew that would be a good start.
After much thought and searching, i ended up with this:

*I have no idea why this is underlined....I can't make it stop. Thanks, Google.
Anyway, i really thought this quote came from book 5, but it doesn't. It's from book 4. Who knew?*

Okay, great news: It is July! That means that the day i graduate is on my calendar!
(well, it's always been there, i just couldn't see it.)

There it is... July 18th. This is my Far Side calendar.

And of course, my High School Musical calendar.

AND--- my count down to graduation chain. Just so you know, it used to be draped down about a foot over by Jesus, and then over Him, past the sun, and to the very far end of the window. I've pulled off a lot of paper.

Oh man, graduation month! this is so great!

BONUS!!! We got our Teton Dam Volunteer shirts this week.