Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Dentist

This might sound like crazy talk, but I went to the dentist and loved it.

A while ago I was having sharp pains in my mouth. It felt like a filling had come loose, so I made up my mind to go to the dentist.

I don't have a dentist in Chicago. I googled it. The first place that came up seemed legit, so I booked an appointment. I went in to the appointment experiencing the same feelings I always feel: fear, defeat, denial. That's when I met Dr. Stec and his assistant, George. We took x-rays of the area of complaint, and it turns out I needed a root canal. And BONUS! They had time to do the root canal that very day! It was also discovered that I needed a root canal on the tooth right behind the one that hurt so much, and as I left the office I promised I would soon schedule an appointment for my second root canal.

I didn't do that. Instead, I scheduled for a cleaning and general exam. See, I had a feeling that there was more trouble afoot, and we better get all the information before we go and do root canals all willy-nilly like.

So yesterday when I walked into the office, I realized that I would probably be there fairly frequently, so I might as well start enjoying myself. And, seriously, it was so fun! We were making jokes all over the place, and general merriment was the topic of the hour.  Of course, I got my cleaning and exam. It was discovered that I had some pretty big cavities (other than the aforementioned root canal cavity) that needed crowns. They had the time, so Dr. Stec and George got started on my crown prep. Really and truly, it was a lot of fun. I go back in two weeks to meet with my new friends. And also get my official crown.