Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gen Conf

At the end of General Conference someone is bound to ask, "What was your favorite talk?"

I usually get all flustered and answer with, "Uh...." Sometimes I am able to throw down a name and some key points, but not always. What I think most people are trying to ask is, "Did you learn anything from Conference this time? Have you been spiritually enriched?"

Yes. Yes I have been. So, for you peeps who like names, I will tell you that I very much enjoyed listening and thinking about the last three talks of this morning: Elder Christofferson, Elder Packer, and President Eyring.

I didn't chose them simply because those were the ones I was awake for, but because they covered topics I had been thinking about. It felt good to hear from them and gain greater insight. It's nice to know I can trust the Spirit, you know?

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Ky said...

I have missed most of Gen Conf again. This time to a funeral; last time to being in the hospital having a kid. I really liked that talk about living within your means, though. I think it was President Eyring, but I could be wrong...

I will have to catch up on the talks this week.