Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Zoo Photo Booth

On a gorgeous spring afternoon, I went to the Lincoln Park Zoo with Sandy and Skyler. Those are my friends. I don't think Sky has made the blog before, and this will be his big debut!

We saw all sorts of animals and stuff, but my favorite part was the photo booth.

Also, who knew, they were taking a video of us, which you can view here:

Click here to see the photo strip at www.zoophotobooth.com



Aaron and Amanda said...

I love everything about this!!


wendy said...

You're famous! Apparently Sky was the only one who figured out where the camera was...

Diana C. said...

um that is so cool! I'm quite jealous about this experience. I miss you tons!

Myriah Cohen said...

Haha, Wendy, I figured it out on the 3rd one?