Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Grandma's views on American Idol

I took Grandma to Physical Therapy this morning.
My thoughts are in parenthesis.

Gma: Did you watch American Idol last night?

Me: Yeah.

Gma: No.

Well, i watched the first part. I saw the girl who played the piano. And the girl with the tattoos. And that cute little black girl with the big voice. When she gets kicked off, she will definitely get a recording contract somewhere. But i didn't get to see that cute young man, i had to go to bed at 9:30, see. (the show was over at 9:30)

I think i was with you when they had that girl with the black and white hair on the Today show. Did you see it?

Me: No.

Gma: What was that girl's name?

Me: Amanda.

Gma: Yeah, i don't remember either.
But you know she was really good.

Me: You honestly really liked her voice?

Gma: Yes, it was beautiful. She will easily pick up a recording contract. I liked that stripper they kicked off, too. (just so you know, this Amanda character has a very gravely and harsh voice. Kind of like my grandma's. So i guess it would be fitting that grandma would like her. I can't explain the stripper thing though.)
What was the theme for the songs last night?

Me: (knowing this would be difficult for her, so i talked really slowly)

Gma: They had to pick songs that were popular last year?

Me: No, from their birth year.

Gma: What?! (she seemed offended at whatever she thought i was saying)


Gma: Well that is different. I hardly recognized any of those songs.


Ky said...

Bahahahaha! Oh man, Grandma. You are one kinky lady...or something. Love it.

Oh, the stripper...sigh.

Tara said...

I could totally imagine exactly how you said the things you said like, "You honestly really liked her voice?" LOL. does grandma not get it?

Macon Family said...

Hey Myriah! Can't believe I didn't see your blog sooner from Amanda's page! Your posts are so funny, and I really love this one with Grandma-good stuff!

Sarah Macon

Myriah said...

Hey Sarah,

Thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed this post. I must warn you though, you may find yourself checking my blog more frequently than you would like.

Well, I mean, I'm always checking my blog, so i just assume others are too...