Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Pack

Oh man, I have the great pleasure to go and visit Ky and Mikey and Sky in Reno this weekend! I can't hardly believe how soon I will be leaving! I need to start thinking about what to pack.

Hmm... the best way to pack is to go through a list of the sorts of activities anticipated and plan accordingly.

What is anticipated, you ask?

1) Singing. We just won't be able to not sing. I think it is impossible. Just so you know... we make up our own songs most of the time. That's just how we roll.

2) Sitting around. I will probably be on the floor with my feet in the air, or sitting all wonky on the couch. That's just how I sit: wonky. And we will be singing. And laughing. Many a Sunday evening was passed in this manner. It's our go-to.

3) Eating, and talking about food.

4) Enjoying Ky's new patio.

5) Shopping at Kohl's.

6) Lake Tahoe, baby!!!!

7) Watching Sky.

8) Car tour of Reno, natch.

9) Discussing and planing Cinco de Mayo party that won't actually be on the 5th of May. (Discussing and planing Cinco de Mayo food.)

10) Church.

11) Free advice.

Soo, what? I guess I'll pack some sweat pants, some nicer sweat pants for church, and a bathing suit? Oh, and at least one cute outfit for shopping. Oh, and I should also bring my sombrero for the party.

And my lucky lip gloss.


Ky said...

So long as the church sweatpants really are nice I think you've got it covered.

As far as the bathing suit...I think it may be WAY too cold to actually get into Lake Tahoe. I was thinking more like we would just look at it. Maybe stick a foot in just to see how cold it really is. It's way up there in the mountains, you know, and there is still snow in them thar hills.

This is going to be great. Oh man, the fun we will have! I'm so glad you noticed the widget. It was all for you, of course! :)

Oh, and also I am glad to read about your realistic expectations. Bravo, friend. Bravo for being normal.

Myriah said...

Whatev. I'm still bringing my suit: it's cute.

Ky said...

Oh, the one from J. Crew? Or was it L.L. Bean? Oh, nope. It was Lands' End!

I get my catalogs all mixed up. At least I didn't guess Spiegel!

Tara said...

I'm glad you went for the nice sweats for church!