Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've had some trouble with the Institute Director here, so for a while I was not a diligent student to his classes as I could have been.

After the advice of a friend, the Institute Director and I have things worked out. It's good now. But, that doesn't mean I attended every class offered. I now basically go when I feel like it, and I really like this system. I never feel like I "have" to go, and it's really up to me what I want to get out of class.

I don't really feel a part of Institute and I don't care to. Institute was a great part of my life while I was in college, but now I'm whatev on it. So, when announcements are made I don't really pay attention.

Last night at Institute I was minding my own business, the teacher said something about Institute Graduation, and suddenly I was handed my Institute transcript! Imagine my surprise to find out I was going to graduate this quarter!



This is hilarious. I love it. I'm so glad I went to Institute last night.


Amanda said...

This happened to me too. I graduated sometime after I had Lillian... they sought me out at church and handed me a diploma. Congratulations!

Jodie said...

It's like college all over again! Congrats!

Ky said...

Wow! Mount that diploma!

Tara said...

wow...I had no idea about you getting advise to help with this problem. I'm glad it helped! congrats on your graduation!