Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Lost Opportunity

Most Tuesdays I teach English through the Literacy Council. The building we use is one of the local churches here in A-town. We happen to meet at a big fancy "popular" church. They have built up their property and I meet my students on the second floor of one of these buildings.

Every Tuesday I approach the building trying to determine if I want to take the stairs or the elevator. I hate stairs. They bother me. So, that leaves the elevator. The elevator opens to the outside on both the first and the second floors. Because of it's easy access to the outside world, every time I step into the elevator I feel certain I'm going to find someone in there. Someone dead. Or, someone who is going to try to kill me. Either way, it's not a great feeling, so I usually take the stairs.

That is all there is to that story. I just wanted you to know the panic and the torment I feel while trying to make my decision as to how exactly get to the second floor.

When I was coming down the stairs tonight after class I noticed a bunch of strange spots all over the ground. Upon closer examination it became apparent that I was looking at snails. They were everywhere. I guess the recent rain caused them to be out and about on this fine night. I counted about 15 snails before I got totally grossed out and ran to my car.

When I was driving away and perhaps running over some of the snails (eww) I thought about how I should have scooped them up and gotten 25 cents for each. It was really a lost opportunity.


Ky said...

Bahahaha! I love this post. I really do.

That snail makes me gag.

Keep a bug box in your trunk, along with bug collecting devices, so you can capitalize off snails and worms the next time it rains.

And steer clear of that elevator. It's obviously haunted.

The Studes said...

why would you get 25 cents a piece? Is there some sort of Snail blackmarket that I am not aware of?