Sunday, April 26, 2009

Treasure Hunt Easter

Naturally, for Easter we had a treasure hunt. Mary and I stumbled out of our rooms, and a little slip of paper was waiting for us. Mom had set up a little hunt that involved scripture verses and trekking around the house... all leading to....

Updated food storage! Woot woot! The sign says that we can now start eating our current food storage, Happy Easter!

But, the sign also said something about how we should go to the freezer and we would find...

A little vase with candy in it! It was great.

For those of you who don't know, I am growing a lot of flowers this year and am thus obsessed with vases. So, this was a great gift. It also looks like a mug, and I like mugs as well, but we decided it was a vase.

To make an exciting day even more exciting, we had dinner on the veranda! Well, that's what Mom was calling it a few summers ago, but right now it's just a deck. So we had dinner on the deck. If you look closely you will see the twinkle lights I put up for the occasion. It was a lovely afternoon and evening.

After dinner The Cousins and I took pictures of ourselves, but none of them are posted. We didn't look normal enough in them, and then in the silly pictures we were all at varying degrees of silly/disgusting, so it is just better that I don't post. I almost posted one that I looked really good in, and The Cousins didn't look so good in, you know- just to show off, but I wasn't wearing my lucky lip gloss, so I couldn't make it applicable. Sigh.

For Easter Grandma gave us gift certificates to a little boutique. Mary bought hair products, I found a necklace and owl earrings, (yes, that's right-owl earrings-), and Laura bought a purse. Mary and I looked at all the purses, and they were a bit too wild for our taste. So when we heard Laura had gotten a purse...well, we basically couldn't wait to see it.

And here it is!

Please notice the cowgirl/rock and roll edge oozing from this purse. It's totally Laura.

I wouldn't have had the guts to pull this off when I was in eighth grade. But Laura can do it. She's got sass like that. And she also has two older cousins encouraging her in the ways of crazy.

You're welcome, Laura.


Ky said...

Oh man, when I looked at the purse I thought, "That is so Laura! She's so cowgirl chic! And that purse just takes the cake.

Also, I really liked this: "varying degrees of silly/disgusting." That's just some great wording, that is. I can almost picture it, but I can't because there is no picture to verify my imagined view of the scene.

Oh, and you look fab in that purse shot. You just do. Sexy mama, woo woo!

Ky said...

Oh! I just found Centro on the veranda!

Myriah said...

Oh, I'm so glad you found Centro! I was wondering if anyone would see him...