Monday, April 6, 2009

3 Things and a Bird Feeder

A few items:

1) Another reason I like living here is when I come home at night, I can almost always see the stars. I love that. I say no thanks to cloud cover. But Atascadero offers me stars. Thanks, A-Town.

2) My brother treats the Steelers. I was talking with my nieces a few weeks ago, Elle had many things to say, and when the phone got passed to Bryn, the only thing she managed to say was, "My Daddy treats the Steelers." I saw the Steelers insignia on a car on my way home, and now every time I see the logo, I think, "My Daddy treats the Steelers."

3) I was talking with Tara tonight and she told me she is making me a present! Wicka wicka! Thanks Tara! She wouldn't tell me what it was, but she did give me a clue: "It has to do with plastic, and it's something you're kinda obsessed about."

Naturally I thought of a bird feeder made out of an empty milk jug. I am kinda obsessed with recycling and with hating milk, and as every one knows I'm obsessed with birds, so I'm pretty sure that is what she is making me.

BUT... I could be wrong. Does anyone have any guesses?


Jodie said...

A Steelers fan all the way out there? Wow!

Tara said...

nope...still wrong sorry. But keep guessing this is fun!

Ky said...

It's a miniature plastic Atascadero!!! That is what she is making you! So you will always feel at home. She really knows you so well, that Tara. Totally brill.

If by some odd chance it isn't Plastascadero, it will definitely be a plastic casting of a beauty counter freebie. Probably Clinique. Made out of recycled Clinique mascara tubes.