Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Wallet

Well, I decided I would take a picture of my wallet.

I headed outside to take advantage of the light, and thought I should take some close-ups of the wallet, as well as some with me in it, so you would know how I look with it.

Naturally, this turned into a major photo shoot.

One side of the wallet:

The other side of the wallet:

The inside of the wallet:

It's taco impersonation:

And here I am, so happy I own this cute little wallet.

I tried to take pictures to show you how I would normally look while shopping with my wallet.



I was getting tired of my own photo shoot.

So? Is it totally me?


farfar said...

I love the wallet. The trail head is on Hwy 1 just after ragged point. I don't really know how to give you good directions there is just a dirt parking lot well that is for Salmon Creek. The picture Kerry took was just stopping at the elephant seals and Hailey and i were just hiking at Montana de oro. I realized i didn't know which hike you were talking about.

Ky said...

Yes. It's totally you. And those pictures really do capture "Myr while shopping."

I love it! Thank you THANK YOU for the photo shoot.

Also, it makes a fab taco.

Ky said...

Oh, in that last picture I can see your favorite blue ball by the fence! Hey, ball!

Tara said...

Very cute wallet! I can totally imagine watching you do this photo shoot...hilarious!