Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Variations on Ticket to Ride

So, as many of you know, the family and I are obsessed with Ticket to Ride.

Awhile ago I had come up with some rough rules on how to play with teams. I had the chance to try it out when Paul and Marissa visited and this is what we came up with:


You and your partner share trains. You can work off of what your partner lays down, just as if they were your trains. In the beginning of standard play, each person is dealt three destination tickets and must keep two. In Team play, you only have to keep one.

We also introduced the concept of The Peek. Everyone starts out with one peek available. On your turn you may choose to peek at your partner's destination tickets. This is all you may do on your turn. If your partner chooses to take more destination tickets on his or her turn, you are then allowed another peek if you wish to use another turn. I wanted to be "reimbursed" if I didn't use my peek, say three points at the end of the game, but this was vetoed. So, we haven't played that way so I don't know how it would work. Currently, if you do or don't use your peek there is no consequence.

The rules for table talk between partners is unclear. Only mind reading was deemed appropriate, although Paul feels that winking and setting your trains down "with especial purpose" is allowed as well.

The most people we've played with is 6, although I suppose up to 10 could play.

ALL OUT (not for team play)

The next variation I have just named "All Out" and I'm not sure if I like it. We have yet to play All Out. The concept is to deal all of the destination tickets at the beginning. You must keep all that you are dealt. Of course, you probably won't be able to get to all of them, so you must decide which tickets you won't accomplish and take the hit.

I got the idea for "All Out" when I successfully accomplished ten destinations in one game. That game was a 3 player game. I think to play All Out you must have at least 3 people. A 2 person game would need a variation on the variation, and I think I'm going to try that out today.

Anyway, I do love Ticket to Ride. Have fun playing. Let me know how the variations work for you.

Wait... do any of you actually have the game?


Marissa said...

I liked playing with teams, it made the game more challenging. I think we will have to play all out next time we visit. We don't have it, although we did give it to you guys. We opted for another variation of settlers instead.

Jodie said...

Man...I am feeling a real disconnect right now. I have NEVER heard of the game Ticket to Ride! Why have we not played this together? Maybe because we haven't seen you in...forever. How sad.

Stew, Kira, and Kylee said...

We just played this game on Saturday night for the first time. I lost and the whole time I thought I was going to be one of the top. We played the Europe ticket to ride and it was fun. The friends we played with also have the German version, but still have not quite figured out how to play that one yet. I think we might end up buying that game. It was fun! -Kira

PS: I love reading your blogs! It is like I am sitting right in front of you and your telling me the stories in person! I miss you! It was good seeing you at Jamie's wedding.

Myriah said...

Hey Kira! I'm so glad you have played Ticket to Ride! I remember the first time I played my tummy was all in knots with fear that I would lose terribly and get kicked out of the family! I'm glad you had a slightly better experience.

Ky said...

Whoa! You really DO love this! I don't have it, but I've played it and it was fun. Maybe I should get it?

I know. I know what you're thinking. Yes, I should get it.

Audrey's grandma said...

Marissa and Paul gave us the game for Christmas a year ago and we enjoy playing it. I also like it because its fairly simple, relying on luck and strategy as well. The team thing sounds good as many times we have more than 4 people and need a game that will allow more. Have you tried playing Railroad Tycoon? It is more complicated but similar to Ticket to Ride. Marissa says its like Ticket to Ride on steroids.