Friday, January 23, 2009

Rain, the Beach, and a Cousin

That last post was a bit depressing, so I figured I should post about something good: It rained today!

Oh man, we desperately needed rain. I hope it continues to rain. Now, as much as I enjoy being able to go to the beach in January and work on my tan, I do understand that our area needs rain, and I am grateful we've got some now.

By the way, I was reading an old journal of mine and I had commented that it had been a great year because my first beach excursion was in January, and the last of that year was in October. January through October, not bad, eh? (That "eh" was for my Canadian audience.)

Also, tonight I'm having a slumber party with my 13 year old cousin. I'm excited. I need to go pack. I probably need to pack work clothes, as I will probably need to help feed the horses. Ohh... maybe I'll take some pictures and post them for you! Oh! This sounds like a great idea.

I'm also anticipating eating food (what, I don't know. Perhaps I will just find something to make, and make it. I do love their kitchen, even though they have a corner sink.) and we will watch a movie, and play Rodeopoly, probably do make-overs and hello, DANCE PARTY! The Jonas Brothers are our favorite!

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