Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sound Advice

So I was chillin' at Curves and I noticed the white board had a new message on it. It said, "Write your New Year's resolution." There were things up there that said, "Love my body," "Work out more," "Be a better friend."

I picked up a pen and wrote, "Give more free advice."

So, to honor my New Year's resolution just a little bit, here it goes:

If you are a jerk, stop being a jerk. If you are lame, stop being lame.

But maybe I should have said that to the person who needs to hear it.


Marissa said...

I liked the title "stop being lame" better.

Myriah said...

Yeah, sometimes I'm not sure if I am giving away the punchline of my post with the title. So, I stare at the title and stare at the title, and then I make some sort of decision.

I hope you will always keep the title "stop being lame" in your heart, because that was the one I liked best too.