Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pink Star

I opened up one of those mini packs of Starbursts, you know the kind with two fruit flavored chews, and I got two pinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This means I'm bound to have a great night.


farfar said...

so was your day since you got all pinks?

Ky said...

That is the best. Once I opened up a 2-pack and got a pink and yellow. I handed the yellow to my niece and she said, "Um, Kylie? I usually have the pink ones."

To this I replied, "Well it was my 2-pack and I like pink ones."

Then I chucked it in my mouth.

Myriah said...

That's right! Nice work, Ky! That little brat. Trying to take the pink ones. Forget it. That was your 2-pack.