Monday, November 10, 2008

Top 13 Songs

Thank you to everyone who made suggestions for my listening pleasure.

I downloaded an embarrassing amount of songs, and after hanging with my iPod for a while, I feel like I am able to tell you which songs I am enjoying the most right now. This list includes songs I have recently purchased and songs I've had for awhile. I wasn't sure what kind of order to list them in, my iPod doesn't have a play count (as far as I know) so I will put them in order of perceived play count, highest to lowest.

1) Sam Sparro, Black & Gold (Oh man, you must immediately listen to this song. I LOVE it.)

2) Driving by Starlight, Steal Away (Strangely, I enjoy listening to this song while driving at night.)

3) From the Musical Wicked, What is This Feeling? (Excellent for running hills.)

4) The Jesus and Mary Chain, Sometimes Always

5) The Feeling, Sewn (I like the lyric, "you've got my heart in a headlock.")

6) Yael Naim, New Soul (Hello, Mac commercial.)

7) Aqualung, Brighter Than Sunshine

8) Immaculate Machine, Jarhand (I think this was a free download a year ago, and I remember not liking it. I guess things changed.)

9) Secondhand Serenade, Fall for You

10) 16 Frames, Coming Home

11) The Wombats, Let's Dance to Joy Division

12) Test Your Reflex, Pieces of the Sun

13) Belle & Sebastian, White Collar Boy (Okay, this song actually has the highest play count of this group. I've had the song for a long time, and it's also part of my running play list. So, although it has a high play count, I haven't been listening to it as frequently as the other songs.)

So there you go. It's been lovely.


Amanda said...

I like this post. I've been sort of out of touch with the music scene for a while and I feel like this helped me get my feet wet. I downloaded New Soul which I had heard, presumably on the Mac commercial, and liked. Another song from commercials that I've recently purchased is For the Actor by Mates of State from an AT&T commercial.

Also, I can't keep up with Belle & Sebastian. Back in the day, I used to be the biggest B&S fan there was and I owned every single album (I think I have a total of 6 or 7), but I've been lagging since 'Fold Your Hands Child...' and ever since 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' I just can't keep up. But, thanks for that one. It's gonna be great, I think.

Ky said...

This is great. I am so glad you found new music! I think I'll have to preview a few of these on iTunes now...

I'm all over this.

Ky said...

Okay, I downloaded Black and Gold and it is fab...

Ky said...

I wish someone had commented after my last comment, because that would break it up a little. Now I just look...stalkerish.

Anyway, check out Paramore. Particularly "Decode" and "I Caught Myself."

Myriah said...

Done and done.