Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As I go to vote, I feel like I am about to take an exam. A major, life altering exam. I have studied the issues, I have made my decisions. I feel like I am ready.

It reminds me of my time in Idaho, holed up in the library or in my room, cramming for a test that has finally come. The magic of my school is the testing center. Professors will have a test available on certain days, and students can go and take the test anytime between 8 am and 10 pm. I was always trying to decide if I was really ready for the exam, or if I should put off dinner and study some more, and stagger into the testing center around 9 pm, hopefully giving myself enough time for the test.

I have the day off today, and I'm feeling this same turmoil. Am I ready to vote? Should I look at the issues one more time? Should I re-examine my choices for city council before I take the exam? I don't know.

The thing about this exam compared to regular exams are the results. Regular exams usually have correct answers, and you find out how well you did after a short period.

But this voting exam is different. I won't find out how well I did until after my elected officials of choice have been in office for a while. I know what they stand for now, but that doesn't mean they will do or be able to do what they said they would. Will I be kicking myself that I didn't vote for a different person? If I studied more, would I have been able to understand the true character of that person and trust in their actions in office?


Tara said...

I agree it's tough...I dont think we can ever really know enough but just make the decision based on what we do know and what we feel good about. I've had kind of a nervous feeling all day too and I already did my voting last week!

Marissa said...

I totally know what you are talking about. I thought I had prepared myself pretty well, but then there was a school board position that I did not know about and I had no idea who to vote for. I was so afraid I would make a bad choice that I just left it blank. I felt so guilty. It really did feel like I left an answer blank on a test.

gj said...

Such a responsible citizen! Your voice was heard. God Bless America