Sunday, November 9, 2008

Any Idea?

For the first time in a long time, I was with people on a temple trip that didn't make me want to throw myself out of the car while on the freeway. We had real conversations about things that I had been thinking about. We were able to discuss many sides of a topic, and I felt benefited from this car ride.

Anyway, it was a good time, and although we spoke of many things, the question that stands out the most to me was, "Where do telephone poles come from?"

Does anyone have any idea?


Tara said...

Claudia said she saw you at the Temple! How fun. I'm curious. Who did you ride with that was so wonderul? I'm grateful to have the Temple so close that I don't have to make long car rides with anoying people any more!

Myriah said...

When did you talk to Claudia? Facebook? She was like, "Yo Myriah, you on Facebook o' anyting?"

And I was like, "What ever happened to MySpace, Claudia? The last I knew, you were obsessed."

Amanda said...

I'm not sure why you're confused about this; telephone poles are made out of trees. According to wikipedia, they could be made out of douglas fir, jack pine, lodgepole pine, pacific silver fir, or western red cedar. The trees are pressure treated with a preservative to keep away woodpeckers, insects, fungi, and fire. Sorry it's not more romantic.

Myriah said...

It's where they come from that we weren't sure about. Those poles are just so tall.

I guess they have really tall trees that we cut down all over the place to form a telephone pole. That is a lot of trees. A lot of tall trees. We don't have any telephone pole shaped trees in my neighborhood, and I'm guessing you really don't have any telephone pole shaped trees in your neighborhood.

The trees must be grown for this purpose, I'm guessing. I wonder how many acres of land you would need for telephone pole farming. And where do they do this logging?

Ky said...

Trees, mostly. Probably from Oregon.