Sunday, November 9, 2008

Can you hear me?

Tonight Mary attempted her first apple pie-ish thing. She wasn't sure how it would turn out, so when she served it for dessert she said, "If it's horrible, don't tell me."

She gave grandma a piece. Grandma says in her gruff voice, "Well first off, the apples are raw."

Apparently, Grandma mistook Mary's request.

I said, "Grandma, you weren't suppose to say anything!"

And she said, "Oh! I forgot! But these apples sure are hard!"

So then everyone else gets some of it, and sure, the apples could have been cooked a little longer, but it was still good, and I wasn't breaking teeth.

She continues, "You know Mary, you could have started by slicing the apples thinner."

Then G-ma says, "Can you hear me crunching?"


Amanda said...

I don't care what you say, you'll be sad when she's gone... even if you're only sad that you're out of golden material like this. "Can you hear me?" Gold.

Mark said...

Hmmm. Maybe I should start blogging about my crazy grandma, too.

I love it when she forgets her teeth...

Myriah said...

Mark, please blog (or email) about your crazy grandma. I think I've only heard maybe half a story about her.

I'm ready for the whole thing.

I'll be back at my computer around 6:30 PST, ready to enjoy a nice story.

farfar said...

So sad. I hope Mary wasn't too upset. Grandma's always say what they want. Well at least mine does too but Grandma's are great. And man apple pie sounds good

Ky said...

I'll never NOT laugh at a Gma story. I wish I could hear her crunching.