Thursday, November 6, 2008

Calendars, again.

I have a problem.

Gary Larson apparently decided against pleasing his audience for the year of 2009.

I cannot find a Far Side calendar anywhere, let alone a Far Side mini wall calendar or desk calendar.

Maybe he has something against nines.

Since embracing this tragedy, I took a look at, where they only show 8 calendars per page, which is ridiculous, and selected a few that I perhaps could stare at for a year.

Out of 495 mini wall calendars I have narrowed it to three. Here they are:

The Spirit of Place

The Jetsons


This calendar search would have been easier if I were obsessed with something like cars, dogs, puppies, puppies and kitties, kitties, lighthouses or palm trees/beaches/islands.

Anyway, which calendar should I pick? Maybe I should get all three?


Jodie said...

That's a tough call. I would probably go for "The Spirit of Place". It will make you feel like you are outside, all the time. So, even if it's raining or stormy in the real outdoors, you will be enjoying "The Spirit of Place" imaginary outdoors, indoors.

Claire said...

My vote is 'The Spirit of Place.'

Mark said...

Definitely The Spirit of Place.

Amanda said...

I never knew so much of one person's life could revolve around calendars. Good luck. I haven't bought one yet because it always stresses me out a little bit.

Tara said...

Thank Heaven you aren't obsessed with anything like Kitty's! I really don't think we could be friends if you had a "kitty" calendar. I'm going to go with my gut feeling and say go with "the spirit of the place".