Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Red Rover

We went to the beach a few days after the corn feed, and witnessed this huge group of teenagers enjoying a game of Red Rover. People were even running from the ocean shouting, "Wait for me!I love Red Rover!!!!!"

We were all amazed.
I know i haven't seen anyone that excited to play Red Rover since 4th grade.


Tara said...

It was quite entertaining to watch...I must say I don’t recommend this game for teenagers mostly because the boys were so much stronger than the girls that I was afraid somebody’s arm was going to be ripped out of socket.

Myriah said...

My mother pulled my arm out of socket once. She claims that it was my fault. I was the one wiggling around, and she was just trying to get me into the car. Had i not been so stubborn, and had mother not had such a vice like grip on my arm, this never would have happened.

Tara said...

wow that is so sad! My friend once had her arm pulled out of socket by her babysitter who was swinging her around! Thankfully that is something you do recover from. Note to self never combined stubborness and a vice grip.