Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Charles Paddock Zoo used to house crocodiles or alligators or something not very cuddly. I believe that is what prompted the, "No Swimming in this Area" sign.
It was cute, sure.
But I wasn't ever going to be tempted to swim in the shallow water with the huge reptiles.
What i was most concerned about was the distance between me and that sign. It is about 10 feet. And there was no chain fence. Just a few wooden poles masquerading as safety.
But there was no safety. Just fear.

Currently, the ol' croc/alligator waters now house a striped necked turtle of some sort.

The girls are taking a drink from the lion's mouth, and it appears to be unpleasant.

But addictive.

We took about 5 drinks from that thing.

Also, I saw this stroller. I stared at it for quite sometime, and we all discussed it's practicality in stores and what not, and wondered what someone would do who needed to go shopping, but had to have a stroller for three.

I wonder how long this counter has been counting. Do they reset it every year?

This tiger killed it's brother.
Apparetnly, they were just goofing off, having a good playful time, and she took it a little too far.

There used to be two... and now there is only one.

We are pretty sure this owl should be off delivering some mail somewhere.

Who knew?
The state reptile is the Desert Tortoise. No, excuse me, MY state reptile is the Desert Tortoise.

No, those Desert Tortii didn't get to that position all by themselves. It would have taken forever. The zoo keeper put them there.

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Tara said...

Wow, I haven't been to that zoo in a long time... I had no idea that they got rid of the alligators, come to think of it, it is quite shady not to have them caged in better. Also I had no idea about the tortoisii being our state animal. Wow that zoo is quite informative. Maybe the got the info by owl post and that's why that owl wasn't out and about, it needed some rest and that's as close as they get to an owlery.