Thursday, August 23, 2007

Big Sur

As part of the F.R. we went up to Big Sur to go on a hike. The jaunt up there was lovely. I always enjoy a ride on Highway 1.
At the park, we embarked on the Pfeiffer Falls trail.

It took about 25 minutes (maybe) to reach the Falls.
Seeing how we were already hiking, and the kids seemed to have some spunk left, we decided to veer off onto Valley View trail.
I had warned everyone that the last time i was at Big Sur, I had hiked Valley View, and the title is quite honest, you just see a valley. So... not exciting... and also, the trail leads you out of the red woods and into the hot non-woods, so it's not that great. Seeing how Pfeiffer Falls is all about the huge trees, soft ground, and filtered light, it was not a pleasant experience to walk the hot, dusty trail of Valley View.

When we finally reached the end, i took about a gazillion pictures. And they all looked like this:

On the way back, after Elle had fallen asleep in her dad's arms, and he got to carry her down the mountain, we finally reached peace again. And thank goodness.

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Tara said...

Wow I didn't know you had gone to big sur! It's so beautiful there and possibly my fav. place we've ever camped. Too bad you had to keep going on to the hot and not that cool part of the hike but way to go, I'm sure the fam appreciated it.