Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cambria Sunset

My father came to Cambria with his folks when he was growing up.
I had no idea about this until we recently went to see the sun set. And dad happens to mention the family history of the place.
Cambria is about 40 minutes away from home, and is a rocky kind of beach.

This bird was pretty nice. No complaints. I think it really liked being in my picture of the sunset.
In fact, i may venture to say he comes around these parts every sunset, just trying to get in pictures.

It's pretty windy in Cambria, and if you don't believe me, go there yourself.
Or you can check out the trees in the photo.
They will tell you like it is.
They may even whisper a poem to your heart.

A super awesome feature of Cambria is the ability to walk right out onto the rocks, and fall into the water or get heavily misted, if you wish. I chose neither of those, and i was still able to capture that great shot, without even using the zoom.

Brandon happens to be King of the Rock, and sunset is his rejuvination time.

And after all that, the sun set.

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Tara said...

Wow it's been a long time since I've been at the beach for sunset. I think Cambria is one of those little used beaches that is really incredibly beautiful. Thanks for sharing these pics.