Wednesday, August 8, 2007

July 19th... so i'm late...

While traveling home from school, we stopped at this rest stop in Utah, where mom saw an absolutely ridiculous sign: "Hazardous Winter Conditions May Exist." She made fun of it as we passed it, and as we came back from the bathroom, she made fun of it again.

As i too doubted the severity of winters in Utah, having just come from vicious winters in Idaho, I still reprimanded my mother for taking so lightly what could be a very purposeful sign. Of course, the sign was so dinky, i would assume that the snow would cover it up in just a few wind bursts.
Anyway, i decided to take a picture of my mother and the sign she was mocking.

Also on my way home from school, we stopped at my friend Kylie's house, and were pleased to discover that we had similar toenail polish adorning our toes.
This is a true testament of our friendship. I'm sure it is.


Tara said...

If it wasn't your mom who was mocking I would think that her punishment should be to have to survive a Rexburg winter, but I guess we'll have to forgive, but only because she's such a great lady. Also why don't we have our toenails painted the same? We should get on that!

Myriah said...

Right now my toenails aren't painted. How about your toenails?

In a day or two, i'm thinking about a clear polish, or maybe a clear polish with a little bit of sparkle. What do you think?