Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm usually itching for the first of the month so I can turn my calendar. I love putting away the old month and flipping to a new picture. I love it. I also like to get a visual of how the days are laid out for the month. Maybe take a look at what numbers correspond with the weekends. It helps me to get oriented. I feel much more peace in my life when I do this.

I woke up this morning, and realized I hadn't updated my calendars yet. It was a weird feeling. Kind of like panic. For some reason, they still haven't been turned. This is strange, not only because I love to turn the calendars, but because I have been thinking about ordering my 2009 Far Side. I have been getting The Far Side mini wall calendar for about 4 years now, and have no intention of changing. So, with all this thinking about calendars, you would think I would think to turn them.

"Them?!" you ask?

Well, yes, actually.

I have four wall calendars in my room. One on the way out of my room, one by my desk, one by my mirror, and one by my bed. They are of temples, The Far Side, a custom number by Tara, and a free one I got at Miner's Hardware.

But that darn Miner's Hardware one fell behind my bed last night. It's done this before. I was too lazy to dig it out for about 10 days, and those were some of the craziest inner turmoil mornings. I would wake up, look for the date on my calendar, see nothing but wall, and get a mild anxiety attack.

I don't understand all this, I just live with it.


Anonymous said...

I found you from Marks blog. Hope that's not weird. But I have to agree, calendars are the BEST! I like to have different calendars for different aspects of my life. One for work, one for goals, one for personal stuff, and one just to keep blank to help me feel like time is on my side.

It's also fun to have different themed calenders for the different aspects of my life... so I know when I'm looking at my "NBC's The Office" I'm dealing with work. And it helps bring the funny.

Marissa said...

I noticed all of your calenders when we visited over the summer. I just thought that you had gotten a lot of calenders for Christmas or something. You would go crazy here, we have none. I have handwritten one for the month on the fridge that shows the babysitting schedule, but my neighbor made that.

Myriah said...

Micah, I've been dying to comment on your blog. Particularly your post about David Archuleta. Seeing how I just found that post, you posted it a while ago, and you don't know me, I refrained. But no longer!

I hate finding out celebrities are Mormon. If there is any scuttlebutt in that direction, I usually try to shut it down. First off, I get so nervous that the celebrity will pronounce their LDS beliefs, and then do something stupid and be an excellent bad example.

Second, I feel that once Mormons find out that a celebrity is of their same faith, they immediately like them more. I hate that.

I voted for David Cook because I thought he was the better performer and would produce a better CD, not because of his faith or because I liked the variance of his facial hair.

And that's that.

I also noticed that you are reading Prince Caspian. A few months ago I read it for the first time, and found it a little...lacking.

Myriah said...

Marissa, how do you know what day it is? Or when the weekends are?

Perhaps you have incredibly good intuition and don't need anything like a calendar.