Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The trip to Phoenix was a blast. It was so fun. I had a great time.

So, a few months ago, Paul and Marissa were planning a trip to visit mom's parents and her grandma who all live in the same house in Phoenix. We decided it would be fun to visit then as well.

Around that time, Grandma was discovered as having some medical problems. She's the kind of person who always does things for other people and hates to be taken care of. So she had been taking care of her husband and mother-in-law for years, but hadn't been taking care of herself.

Well things got pretty bad for Grandma, and basically everything was falling apart over there in Phoenix. Mom flew out there in August to help out for about two weeks, and all of her other siblings took turns as well. Mom would have many conversations with her sisters about what was going on, if the doctors had finally figured out what the problem was, and what they could do to help their parents.

Many things were discussed, and I have no idea what those things were. I was continually in the dark about all of this. Sometimes I would try to ask questions and figure it all out, but that was basically impossible because things were changing every day. So, I stopped asking questions and decided I would be informed if anything major happened.

About two weeks before our trip to Phoenix I was informed that we would not just be "visiting" but we would be cleaning. Working. Ripping up the old disgusting carpet and putting in new flooring. Organizing. Painting. Throwing things away. It was discovered that Grandma's problems were mainly respiratory, and the old disgusting carpet probably wasn't helping things.

So, I went on vacation to work.

It was great.

My parents decided (I told mom it was a good idea, and then she informed dad) to rent a house. It was great. This house was wonderful. It was huge and hilarious.

There to greet us at the front door was this pumpkin riding the giant snail:

The inside of the house was great. Getting to most of the bedrooms was an adventure because you had to go through the lollipop forest.

You may notice in this next picture that Scott is the winner. I should tell you that Paul is actually taller than Scott, but we didn't mark Paul's height on the wall. You may also notice this excellent blue paint. The previous home owners loved this color. It was everywhere. The entire kitchen was this color. In fact, I was standing in the kitchen, wearing a blue sweatshirt, and nobody could see me because I fit in so well with my surroundings.

This is Camelback Mountain. The tall part is the hump. This was the view from the front of our rental.
And this is the view from the back of the house. You may notice they chose not to landscape with rocks as many Arizona home-owners do. You may also notice the pool! Yup, we swam in that sucker every night after working. It was great.

Paul tried to teach me to swim the butterfly. I don't know how well I did though.

Okay, that is all for right now because I am tired. I have a lot more on the subject of Phoenix, so I will post later.

Peace out.


Marissa said...

I am so glad you got a picture of the giant snail. It is not really something you can descibe to people. I liked your description of Taffy swimming on your comment, it describes her perfectly. How would you describe Tobey? I can only think of one word for him, spastic.

Myriah said...

Yeah, he is really spastic. He's also a high stepper. He's really the only dog I know that lifts his front paws completely out of the water when swimming. It's like he's trying to climb out of the water. He rocks side to side and splashes every where, but he gets the job done.

Jodie said...

Sounds like a great trip. Maybe you could be a snail for Halloween. Just a thought.

Ky said...

Your parents really chose a great rental. Bravo. Bravo!!

Also, the word your blog would like me to verify is "holot." I thought you'd like that.

Tara said...

Man that is a great rental house...my Mom has a glass pumpkin...I wonder if I should try to find a large snail for her to put it on.