Sunday, October 26, 2008

Phoenix: The Work

We just rolled into town . The G's had cleared out this sun room pretty well, but you may notice the water damage and the dirt and the gross that we needed to clean up. Please notice the flooring. That had to come up too.

The living room. This carpet is about a million years old. It's all loosey-goosey too. As far as I can remember, the carpet has always had the wrinkle in it. Mostly it is disgusting. We went crazy ripping that stuff up. We were so focused on getting it out of the house that we took zero pictures of the great carpet removal.

The living room after we ripped up the carpet and then moved all the furniture into it.

So, mostly, Paul removed all the linoleum flooring, and it ended up like this:

The floor was super sticky and my shoes are still filthy. I'm not sure what to do with them now. I may throw them away.

Basically, it was a ton of work to get done in 3.5 days. But we did it. It was hot and sweaty and noisy. I spent most of my time in closets, ripping up carpet, and doing general demolition to prepare for the new floors and base boards. Whoever put the baseboards in the closets originally was very concerned that they didn't fall down. I pulled out about 5 nails where one would do. They also thought it would be a good idea to use 2 inch nails. Really, guys? Closets don't allow for much leverage, which the original builders found out, because about half of those unnecessary nails were bent all funny and twisted and otherwise tormented, which would probably explain the excess of nails.

The above is a picture of the kitchen, with Mary working in the background.
Below we find Mary's mom painting. (She has some sort of fancy positive/negative patch on her arm that she got at physical therapy.)

Paul and Tom laying some floor.
Aunt Joyce and I painting.

Paul working with a saw and fractions. He and the other "floor guys" were always muttering fractions under their breath. They thought it was cool.

Cleaning up some of the sticky.

Dad painting.

Mary painting.

And Marissa and Audrey swimming and maxin' and relaxin' at the pool.

I hope you notice the irony.


Ky said...

What irony?

So...where are the "after" photos? I gotta see the "after!!" Then I can be dutifully impressed.

Marissa said...

I would have gladly switched positions with you. Have you ever tried to go to the bathroom with a baby on your lap? I was so afraid that if I left her and she started crying than grandma would try to pick Audrey up and hurt herself. And where were you at 3AM and then 4:30AM when she decides that it is time to be awake for the day? :)

I am not sure what to do with my sticky shoes too. I was only there for like an hour an half, but the shoes are ruined.

Dark Horse said...

Seriously...where are the afters? We couldn't make the trip, but we wanted to be able to reminisce about it with every body when you all come out to da' Burgh for Christmas. We can talk about how you all helped us move here, and how we all fixed Grandma's house and ruined our shoes. It will be great.