Friday, September 26, 2008

Do it for my soul!

Yesterday I had just finished a task when my office manager asked me if I could help her with something. I assumed she needed me to reach for something. I am of average height, but as all my coworkers are of abnormally small stature, my assistance is often requested.

So, as I followed her to the office, I find out she was making a small ad for the local newspaper, and she was having difficulty getting her PDF logo over to a word document.

In the moments that I was helping her, the strangest thing happened: I felt so light, so wonderful, so happy, so satisfied. I wasn't counting down the hours to quitting time. My soul had lifted for a small minute, and I felt peace.

And then I remembered: I did this at school, and I loved it at school, and I want to do it for the rest of my life. I had kind of forgotten the wonderful feelings I get when I am doing what I love. Suddenly, life wasn't drudgery for me any longer, and I went about my day with a fairly good spirit.

I have realized lately that I am rather riled up inside. I blame this on my current work, and my lack of creative outlet. This experience with the PDF has opened my eyes, and reminded me how increasingly important it is for my soul and general well-being to secure a position in my field.

So, I am looking to work in an ad agency as a copywriter.

There it is.

If anyone knows of a position for me, please let me know. Start looking around your cities or towns, I'm sure I would love to move out to where you are.

We could be friends.


Marissa said...

I don't know about an ad agency, but is hiring copywriters:
I think you should apply because we want you to live near us!

Amanda said...

So, if I don't find you a job... we won't be friend?

Myriah said...

Oh, I'm talking about "live in the same city" kind of friends.

Ky said...

I know how you feel. I had a decent job at one point, but I hated what I was doing and it didn't matter that I made good money doing it. I get you. I feel your love of PDF placement.

I gotta find some fabulous job for you in Reno...