Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Phoenix: The reveal

Something that I miss from our trip to Phoenix was how the food would just appear. It was like Hogwarts, really. We would all be tired and hungry, and suddenly, we would walk outside and there Mom would be with our meal! It was wonderful! I've tried walking outside since being home looking for an entire meal, but all I found was a garden.

Look how happy Dad is with his food:

We all felt like that.

And, some of the crew. This was on Sunday, so Paul and Marissa had already left. Maybe I can Photoshop them into a group picture.

Mary and I.

And our dear mothers. Please note the clean and freshly painted wall behind them. The wall in the back is green, and the wall to the side is white. When the G's saw it, it took them awhile before they said, "Now, this wall right here is a shade or two different from the other walls, is that right?"

Great-Grandma is reacting to her new toilet:

She clearly loves it. She kept talking about how she loves that the seat and the floor are both wood.

Now, there is a step going from the kitchen to the sun room, and it has been causing some trouble in the house. So, Bobby, Aunt Joyce's good-looking boyfriend, fashioned them a railing. Here it is:

And this is Great Grandma's reaction to such a railing:

Seeing how we had just spent all of our waking hours cleaning up dirt from the past 20 years, we made sure the G's would know how to care for their new home.

We gave them a Swiffer. And here is Grandma trying it out:

Dad was too dirty to come in.

Great Grandma has about a million things we didn't see the purpose for. But she also has about a million things that we thought she might want to keep. So we had to ask her about them. I took this picture from outside so I wouldn't accidentally get bossed around.

I was cleaning out some of Great Grandma's stuff and came across a New Testament from 1904 and some other books. I put a note on them explaining that I would like them. Mary found a handbag she liked and put her name on it, and Aunt Linda wrote her name all over the back of a mirror she wanted.

I planted a few notes around so hopefully Great Grandma will see them and think, "Oh, Myriah really wants this book. I'll ship it to her."

And here we have Grandpa in the living room. It is so much cleaner and nicer now. We also were able to score them some slightly used furniture. Furniture I wasn't afraid to sit on.

I hope everyone was happy with the reveal pictures. If not, you are just going to have to go out to Phoenix and check things for yourself because this is all I've got.


Amanda said...

Nice work guys. I really couldn't see it when I was there on Saturday, but I knew it would turn out all right. By the way, today, Lillian saw a white van and told me that it was Grandma Melanie's car and that she liked Grandma Melanie and that Grandma Melanie was pretty. (She's never told me that I'm pretty, so it's quite the compliment.)

Jodie said...

Wow. I'm having a hard time grasping the transformation, but your Dad's picture was classic. There were so many emotions going on there. Looks like you guys did wonders.

Ky said...

Oh boy. Thanks.

Firstly, I would like to react to your Hogwarts comment. Bravo!

Secondly, Great Grandma looks REALLY excited about all the new additions.

Thirdly, Great Grandma probably won't like it when she finds notes claiming all of her worldly belongings. Still, I hope you get that New Testament--that is cool!

The Studes said...

I love grandmas reaction... priceless!

Tara said...

I'm very impressed with all your hard work! I think putting your name on things was a good idea. My grandma has already started giving things away that she think someone wants. Also I got a little teary eyed when I saw your grandma's reaction! So great!